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GS-680sel chuyên dụng đo các loại cao su nhỏ và mỏng
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Totally Automatic type IRHD / M method Micro – size International Rubber Hardness Tester

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●Micro-hardness can be measured by 8/1 scale each
durometer of type A, E, E2, OO, FO in addition to IRHD /
M method.
●Hardness of O ring and small rubber parts can be
measured with totally automatic.
●Voice coil motor is adopted for load system. Friction and
reproducibility of inner mechanism is improved, which is
different from weight system.
●It is plug-in type that plunger (contact point) can be easily
changed and recalibration on test method change is not
●As test piece table is wide, various measuring jigs can be
set up.


Hardness testing  method IRHDɾM-method Durometer Hardness
Compliance standards ISO 48/JIS  K 6253 ISO 7619/JIS K 6253
TECLOCK Standards/ASTM D 2240
Measuring accuracy ±0.1 IRHD Type A/E           ±1 JIS K 6253
Type E2/FO     ±̍ TECLOCK Standards
Type OO         ±̎ ASTM D 2240
Measuring range 30 ~ 100 IRHD 0 ~ 100
Minimum indication unit 0.1
Measurement part movable distance 100mm
Measurable test-piece dimensions W=160 / D=110 / H=100mm
Conformity standards EC Directive (EN61326)
Outside interface RS-232C
Power AC100ʙ200̫/AdapterDC24V
Weight 7.8kg (Main unit)/0.6kg  (Power  unit)
Accessories PC application CD (for Windows XP & 7)
PC connecting cables/AC adapter
Spare plunger  (x1) (ZS-121)  for IRHD
Rubber specimen ZY-917 6 types set (w/Inspection table)

O Ring Measuring Device for GS-680

This is the device for centering of O ring of which wire diameter is 0.5mm-10mm. The pin at stage
center which fixes position of O ring slightly moves up/down and left/right independently and fixes the
position. In addition, it is possible to rotate it to an arbitrary position.


Model ZY-921
Stage dimensions 90×86mm
Applicable O-ring diameter φ0.5ʙφ10mm
Weight 2.9kg

Máy đo độ cứng cao su tự động GS-680sel Teclock


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